Machine park

Waterjet 2.5D

Thickness to about 200mm (depending on the material).
Workfield: 3000mm x 2000mm.

Waterjet 3D

Just like 2.5D with a big exception - 3D cut, at an angle of 45 deg.

Thickness to about 200mm (depending on the material).
Workfield: 2500mm x 1200mm.

The WATER JET technology is cutting the various materials with using water under the high pressure. The process of the computer guidance enables the precise cut about the best quality, as well as the repetitiveness of dimensions.

Plotter 2D

Working field: 1300mm x 800mm

Plotter - Milling 2,5D

Maximum working field: 2000mm x 1500mm

Plotter - Milling 5D

Maximum working field: 3100mm x 2100m

Cutting with oscillating knife, milling, material planning.

Thickness to about 10mm (depending on the material).
Materials can undergo a double-sided tape (Metro, rubber, etc.)


Turning details (only for plastics, rubber).

Maximum 40mm detail length.

Maximum diameter Ø700mm (all dependent on the profile)

Laser plotter (cutting and engraving)

2D cutting and engraving on the turntable.

Cutting thickness to approx. 5mm, (depending on the material).

Detal engraving with a height of about 300mm (depending on size)
Workfield: 600mm x 400mm.


Oring-Gumy company has existed since 2006 as the main partner ORING Technical seals. We specialize in the production and distribution of technical seals. We have a team of specialists that support numerically controlled machines: lathes, milling machines (also 5D), plotters and water cutters Water Jet 3D with the possibility of cutting at an angle of 45 degrees. Our machines work with various types of materials: rubber, foams, plastics and some metals. We produce typical and custom seals, and thanks to the diversity of the machine park and the flexibility and creativity of our crew, we carry out various projects, including artistic.

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