We offer our customers vast selection of technical seal ups. Our suppliers are reliable domestic and foreign producers, whose products fulfill required norms and quality standards.

We have over ten thousand items in constant sale, including:

  • o-rings and o-ring cords,
  • radial shaft seals of various types: A, A0, B, AH, BABSL, DUO, RWDR,
  • raking rings Z, ZZ,
  • placing rings, washers, cotters, yokes,
  • piston rod seals of K, L, DL, UT, V, DT types,
  • brake and pump piston seals,
  • rubber and rubber-fabric plates, cork, felt, micro-rubber, silicone, viton, Teflon, KLINGIERYT (seal plate) - we are capable of carving, in any shape,
  • rubber sections,
  • harmonic-shaped coverings
  • high-pressure force and suction hoses
  • adhesives,
  • clutch insets,
  • shock-absorption insets,
  • air accumulators,
  • membranes,
  • and many other...


Our firm is capable of fulfilling atypical orders for hard to reach seal ups of various types by using our industrial park or by bringing finished products in time convenient for you.

Our modern industrial park allows production of high quality technical seals:

  • on our own molds or ones supplied by client,
  • according to set pattern, technical drawings or sample product,
  • from modern mixes of rubber and other raw materials which are made according to provided formula,
  • basing on raw materials DIN/ASTM classification:
    • ACM - ethyl acrylate copolymer (acryl caoutchouc),
    • AEM - ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer (ethylene-acrylate caoutchouc),
    • AU - ester-urethane caoutchouc,
    • BIIR - bromine-butyl caoutchouc,
    • BR - butadiene caoutchouc,
    • CIIR - chlorine-butyl caoutchouc,
    • CR - chloroprene caoutchouc,
    • ECO - epichlorohydrine caoutchouc,
    • EPDM - ethylene propyl caoutchouc,
    • EU - ether-urethane caoutchouc,
    • FFPM - perfluorine caoutchouc,
    • FPM/FKM - fluorine caoutchouc,
    • FVMQ - fluorosilicone caoutchouc,
    • HNBR/NEM - butadiene - acrylnitrylate caoutchouc, hydrogenated,
    • IR - isoprenaline caoutchouc,
    • IIR - butyl caoutchouc,
    • NBR - butadiene - acrylnitryle (nitrile caoutchouc),
    • NR - natural rubber, India rubber, caoutchouc,
    • PA - polyamide material,
    • POM - poliacetal (poliformaldehyde, polioksymetylene),
    • PTFE - politetrafluoroethylene material,
    • SBR - styrene-butadiene rubber,
    • UP - thermoplastic polyester elastomer,
    • VMQ - silicone caoutchouc,
    • fabric-rubber material.


We offer comprehensive provision of technical seals for you company all on attractive terms. We are able to provide you with:

  • availability of most typical seal-ups,
  • making untypical seals of required parameters according to provided design,
  • expert service and consulting,
  • convenient implementation dates,
  • highest quality and competitive pricing.

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